Hello and welcome to my blog! You might be wondering why “thyme” consuming. I am going to explain why. I created this blog because I started to have more time in my life, something I never had before and in this blog I am going to only talk about how to consume your time in any possible way in order to be content. The wordplay with “thyme” is just for fun: turns out that one of my main parts of the blog is cooking, I did not intend it to be so, it just happened. And my favorite spice for cooking is indeed thyme, therefore I find the title of my blog to be very representative for what I want to express. Why I have time? I decided to have a mini-retirement. I am young, not married, no kids, no mortgages and I find that this is the best way to invest in my health, giving myself time to see what I will do with it. It is not easy to have a lot of time, we are simply not used to it and it is scary, but quite a liberating feeling once you get in the groove and start doing all types of random things, that some more grounded people call hobbies. I never had one very strong hobby (like playing an instrument until you ace it) and even now I am jumping from activity to activity: gardening, road cycling, learning new languages, failing at them, giving up or deciding to get better. Everything teaches me more about myself. So the purpose of this blog is to express myself, hoping to help somebody with some of my ideas. But mostly, to enjoy myself and document this part of my life. Thanks for sticking around!

Kitchen delights

I don’t make an art out of cooking, but it is a wonderful environment were I can put in practice my inventiveness and creativity. I like to eat healthy, not only because I know it is good long term, but because I like how it makes me feel. And I like my food to look beautiful, so my meals will always have veggies, preferably more types for more color. Enjoying your food makes you eat it slower and makes you interact more with the people at the table. This is what the Mediterranean countries did for ages, it might not be a scientific proof of well being, but it surely works for me. But except well balanced foods, I do like the sweet treats. Everything is good in moderation and nothing compares to a delicious butter cookie next to your coffee. So in this section expect to find a lot of healthy dishes, low-carb meals and treats, but also some of the best cookies of the cultures I got in contact with. ┬áSee all recipes here


We can’t only feed our stomach, we need to feed our mind as well. Moving makes us happier. Any type of moving, from a simple walk to a 100 km bike ride. I find sport very meditative for my mind, but also challenging and I will try to present both aspects. As for the travel part of this section… it is mainly going to contain mountains and nature. I am not a avid world traveler, I like to settle down and get to know a place than just “visit”.  See more mountains and sport tips&tricks here


“Hobby” is an intimidating word for me. I would call this tendency something like “try random activities without being afraid that you will fail”. I always used self-defeating humor when I talked about my crafting skills, baking or taking care of a plant, simply because I never had the patience to try them. So here is me sharing my experience with exactly these activities that I actually enjoy doing now.  See my plants, crafts and more here