Brussels sprouts that taste good and in just 10 min

Making Brussels sprouts taste good is one question, but even more important, did you ever wonder how they grow? It blew my mind, basically tiny cabbages on a stalk:

Now how they taste… well, like anything from the cruciferous (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower), if cooked incorrectly they can taste terrible. However, if you have in mind just a few simple steps, you can make this snack not only super healthy, but also very tasty!

It is also a perfect low carb snack: 1 cup of Brussels sprout contains just 6 grams o calories. They are also high in fiber and vitamin K.

Now let’s see those 4 crucial steps to make a perfectly good tasting meal in under 10 min:

  1. Cut them in half – the more surface, the more browning it will receiv. This will lead to a slight caramelization – they contain little sugar, so they won’t burn, but get sweet and caramelized instead
  2. Start them in a cold skillet – gives you time to arrange them
  3. Lots of oil – to allow good surface with the skillet (for about 5 tbsps)
  4. Cover them while cooking – this will allow some of the water in the sprouts to steam and cooks the upper part of the sprouts. 5 min on medium fire should suffice. Then let them cook without the lid for 3-4 min on lower fire.

And here they are almost ready, all you need to do is to choose the toppings. I like them with crispy freshly made bacon, parmezan, lemon juice, mint, sesame seeds, salt and pepper: