Birthday card for your cyclist friends

Ask anybody to draw a bicycle and the rules of physics will be defeated… so if you want to make a card for your cyclist friends, maybe avoid drawing a bicycle.

Drawing a bike from memory is a tremendous effort for most people and the results are just surreal:

On a second thought, I could have tried and make the best birthday present for somebody… they could laugh for years to come. But as I am quite familiar with bikes lately, I have to avoid making a complete foul of myself.

The safest idea I came up with is to draw a bunch of wheels. Spokes are quite challenging to draw, too, but this video helped me:

Yes, wheel as balloons still defeats the rules of physics, but at least it’s colorful and cute. For extra cuteness, add a bear:

So this is the best card for cyclist friends I could come up with. If you would like to check out my other card ideas, you can check my crafts section here.