How to cook chestnuts

Cooking chestnuts is no easy task. Moreover, peeling them can be even more difficult.

Chestnuts are really delicious fruits, they contain lots of minerals (potassium, manganese, phosphorus), but also vitamins like K and C.

The questions is how to cook them: baking them or boiling them?

Baking or roasting is certainly having a better result in taste, but it make it difficult to peel, even if you try to do it while they are still hot. I tried to soak them for long in water before roasting them, but I found it difficult to peel, still.

My go to method when it comes to cooking chestnuts is boiling!

  1. I first carefully check if they have any holes (basically worms).
  2. Then I cut a cross in the middle or a line across the chestnut.
  3. Afterwards I wash them and place them in a pot with water covering them. I boil them on medium fire for 30-40 min.
  4. Peel them immediately, using a towel, so that they don’t burn too much. A knife is very useful when peeling. This method certainly allows me to peel a whole chestnut without breaking it. They look beautiful and taste amazing: