Zucchini noodles – low-carb pasta

Zucchini noodles are becoming more and more popular. They start to be found in supermarkets and as a low carb or gluten free option in restaurants.

For me… well it’s zucchini season, so I am experimenting with it. In fact, I started to have more and more posts about it that I decided to put in under a tag: zucchini.

The best way to spare money on zucchini noodles is to buy your own tool for making it. The ready made supermarket ones are incredibly overpriced and AliExpress can deliver one for only few euros: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33026340337.html

Once you have the tool it is incredibly easy to make them:

  • peel them
  • let them rest with salt on them
  • tap them dry
  • saute them for few min until they are as tender as you like them (drain any extra water gathered in the pan)
  • serve them with your favorite sauce. I tried with so far with pesto and used it as a side dish or with meatballs in tomato sauce with parmezan on the top.

I think they could go very nice with a guacamole sauce instead of the pesto, or in creamy garlic sauce with shrimps. You just need a tiny bit of courage 🙂

They will never replace the real pasta. But it is a very nice alternative that you can choose from time to time.