Romanian desserts from the Communist era – caramelized sugar candies with walnuts

The way I remembered this simple dessert of caramelized sugar candies with walnuts was on a desperate night, after all the shops closed and I had nothing sweet home.

My grandma used to make me these “candies” when I was a kid and these were her only candies in her childhood in the 1930′.

They are so simple to make:

  1. Rub some butter or oil and a wooden board.
  2. Pour some sugar to cover the bottom of a pan.
  3. Melt it until it is slightly caramelized.
  4. Add some roughly broken walnuts.
  5. Pour it immediately on the wooden board. Make sure to not touch it, it is very hot.
  6. After a few minuted it hardens and you can scrape it off the board.
  7. Break it into small pieces and enjoy it!