Tortilla de patatas – Spanish omelette

Mediterranean diet? Definitely not! Tortilla de patatas known internationally as Spanish omelette is a very delicious meal, though not the definition of healthy. It has its advantages, though. Once you know the technique, it is quite simple to make, you require only 4 ingredients and you can have it as a breakfast for a few days. Last, but not the least – very cheap to make.

tortilla de patatasTortilla de patatas
Servings: 4 (0.45 eur/portion)
Cooking time: 30 min
Difficulty: medium (because of the flipping part)

Ingredients for a 20 cm diameter pan

  • 4 medium eggs (0.8 eur)
  • 2 medium potatoes (0.5 eur)
  • 1 big onion (0.1 eur)
  • salt and oil for frying (0.4 eur)


  1. Before starting, make sure you have a plate that can sync in the pan. This will be very important for the flipping part. The plate should not be at the lips of the pan, but syncing in it towards the half of the pan, otherwise during the flipping you can slip the plate and the tortilla with it (a friend told me…)
  2. Cut the potatoes into cubes and the onions julienne.
  3. In a bigger pan warm up enough oil to almost cover the potatoes and onion. Fry them until they get soft and only slightly brown.
  4. Take out the potatoes and onion, trying to drain as much oil as possible from them.
  5. In a separate bowl beat the eggs.
  6. Mix the eggs with the potatoes and onion and add salt to taste.
  7. In the preheated 20 cm pan, add a tiny bit of oil. Let it warm up and pour in the egg mixture.
  8. Cook it on small fire (I have a stove that goes to 10 and I cook it on 3 and 4 at times when I want it browner).
  9. You can shape it with a spoon and make sure it doesn’t stick to the edges.
  10. After 5 min it is ready to flip. Don’t get scared, it will still look liquidy on the top part.
  11. Sync in the plate, place your right hand on the plate, hold the handle of the pan with your left hand and flip it quickly above the sync (just in case). Now pour in the tortilla with the liquidy part being at the bottom.
  12. Reshape it quickly with the spoon to have a nice round shape:
  13. Have it on the same low fire for extra 6 min and go through the flipping again. If you want it soggier, leave it one min less. You if want a drier tortilla, cook it for 2 extra min.
  14. Cut triangles from it and serve it hot next to your favorite veggies. I love how it goes with beetroot.

So this is how you make Spanish omelette or tortilla de patatas. It has a very nice blend of tastes, which makes it simple but rich at the same time.

Another great thing about this recipe is that you can add or replace the filling. For example add chorizo or even some cheese in the middle:

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