Tabbouleh variation with quinoa and mung beans

Tabbouleh is a traditional dish from Lebanon and it is usually made with bulgur. I chose to make a slightly healthier version, higher in protein and fiber: with white quinoa and mung beans.

What I love about this dish is the multitude of veggies and the unexpected blend of flavors between mint, parsley and soaked beans in the juices of the vegetables. It is a perfect summer dish and so colorful!


  • boiled mung beans
  • boiled quinoa
  • fresh salad (I used iceberg, some red tiny salad from my garden and rukola)
  • fresh mint
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • spring garlic
  • sheep cheese
  • fresh or frozen parsley
  • lemon, salt and olive oil

You can use any other veggies or salad types, this is a meal in which you can be very inventive. Just don’t cut out the mint, parley, tomatoes, quinoa and olive oil + lemon.

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Happy summer!