Three low-carb breakfasts ready in 5 min

These three low-carb breakfasts are some of my usual choices for quick and healthy meals. The first two are of Hungarian origin and the last one is a known Italian breakfast, I will just reiterate the perfect seasoning you need on it.

All three have a good balance between protein and fat due to the dairy products, fresh vegetables and contain no meat, therefore light but also nutritious.

1. Curd with sour cream, tomatoes and fresh basil

This meal makes a perfect low-carb breakfast. All you need is curd, sour cream, fresh tomatoes and basil (can be dry or fresh). You can play around with the fat in both the curd and sour cream and choose what fits the best your taste or diet. Sprinkle salt on each layer and be generous with the sour cream. Since this breakfast is typical in Hungary, you can replace the tomatoes and basil with sweet paprika, it will be just as special and delicious.

2. Cucumber with yogurt and sweet paprika

If you want to have a very light and super healthy breakfast, this is a perfect choice. But only for the days when you need a light breakfast, because it doesn’t contain much except the nutrients from the yogurt. I always use a probiotic yogurt, but any would work. Mix the yogurt with a teaspoon of sweet paprika and add it on the cut cucumber sprinkled with salt. Also, you can use this Hungarian inspired salad as a side dish next to any meat. Simple, but very flavorful, especially if you like cucumber!

3. Mozzarella with tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and basil

The last breakfast takes its inspiration from Italy… like any other thing containing mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. But you can use all three ingredients not only to knock yourself out with a pizza (yum!), but also for a light and low-carb breakfast. And you can choose what mozzarella you want – light or fatty. The most important aspect of this recipe is the seasoning: first a generous sprinkle of olive oil, then balsamic vinegar and salt. The basil can be fresh or dried, either work and it will complete the delicious combination.

All three recipes are perfect for summer mornings and low-carb breakfasts choices and I hope the pictures inspired you to  try at least one. 🙂

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