Two fast and healthy side dishes: curry-coconut lentils and green beans stew

Green beans stew

This meal can be both a side dish or a full meal by itself. It is simple, very cheap and super tasty. Boil the green beans separately in salty water until they get tender. Saute an onion, add some green or red pepper, add some garlic and some crushed tomatoes and pour over the beans with some liquid. No strict quantities are necessary, just use as many veggies or liquid as you would like. Let them boil for 10 min together, season with more salt, pepper and parsley. Fresh and healthy!

Curry-coconut lentils

Saute one onion with some garlic. Add curry and a bit of curry. Pour in the lentils – they can be cooked separately, in which case you boil them for 10 min max or they can be raw, in which case you need to boil them according to the instructions on the package. Add coconut milk and some crushed tomatoes and it is ready to be served next to your favorite steak.