2 simple Greek salads

Greek cuisine exerts a pretty big attraction for me, everything I try is so fresh and delicious, but more importantly, abundant in vegetables (and lamb :D).

These two salads are very simple, first one takes only 3 min to prepare. The second one is a bit longer and requires to bake eggplant.

Beets with honey and balsamic vinegar seasoning and minty yogurt

The best results here are if you bake your own beetroot, the results are way sweeter and intense. However, I buy my beetroot already boiled and the result is super fast and very healthy. Make your seasoning with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a bit of honey. Cut the beets on a plate, season with salt and pour your seasoning on them. Optionally, you can add yogurt mixed with mint. It is refreshing and very tasty:

Eggplant with feta cheese and veggies

Bake your eggplant in a 200 C preheated oven (do not forget to poke them with a fork beforehand, otherwise they can explode in the oven). When they are ready and soft, thake them out, cut them carefully in half and spoon out of them the flesh.

Prepare your seasoning with olive oil, lots of lemon, salt and minced garlic.

Add tomatoes, roasted pepper, feta cheese and olives. Sprinkle over mint or parsley and your seasoning and it is ready to be enjoyed.

So those are the two Greek salads I just learned about from one of the Youtube channel I am watching: Dimitra’s dishes.

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