DIY pom-pom rug and baby mobile

Making your own pom-pom rug is extremely time consuming, so make no mistake to be tricked into it by the sped-up gifs on the internet. However, it can be a very relaxing and meditative process. It still takes a lot of time, but the result is very satisfying and, most importantly, very fluffy.

There are two ways of making a pom-pom at home with using no special tools. Just cut two pieces of cardboard like in the picture below and prepare a pair of very good scissors. That’s all!

Method 1 – long but better results

Start wrapping the thread around the two pieces of cardboard, that are held back to back, it should be around 60 movements. Wrap it back and forth at least 5 times (~240 movements).

Now slide the scissors between the two cardboard pieces and cut the donut in the middle.

Hold it carefully and the bottom and slide in a long single thread between the cardboard pieces. Slide it through the opening making sure you are catching all the threads and tie it at least twice very tight.

And there you have it!

In order to shape it up place on piece of the cardboard on the bottom and the other on the top and start cutting everything that sticks out. Do the same on thing after you flip the pom-pom on the other side.

The whole process takes ~11 min.

Method 2 – fast, but not very fluffy

This method is way faster, all you need to do is to wrap the thread around 100-120 times around your fingers and tie it carefully in the middle.

Cut every end of the pom pom and shape it exactly like in the previous method.

This meths takes half of the time (~5 min), but it is not as fluffy and big. However, it works perfectly for being used for the rug.


How to put the rug together

For this you will need an anti-slip mat. I bought mine in Ikea. Since the holes are very small, I used some tweezers to slip in the two ends of the pom-pom. I placed the desired pattern in advance and took a picture, to make sure I will follow it.

Cut the remaining ends (make sure you use a solid and secure knot) and there you have your fluffy colorful rug.


As a bonus, another thing I realized I could create out of pom-poms is a baby mobile. I used other elements from plastic, like the circle on the top and snowflakes that I 3d printed, but you can surely replace it with any other material. These pom poms were cut a lot more in, in order to make them look perfectly round and very fluffy. It is a wonderful present for a baby shower and its fluffiness won’t remain unnoticed.


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