Lunch boxes ideas for work

These boxes are combining some of my existing recipes, but also gathering whatever you have in your pantry and make a healthy, nutritious and delicious meal for your lunch breaks.

  1. My favorite meal to take away is falafel salad. I recently make only my airfryer falafel recipe, since it is so easy. And I eat it with roasted peppers, fresh cucumbers, salad and maybe some coriander. Bring some sour cream or olive oil in a tiny jar and you can assemble this amazing recipe in few seconds for your lunch. Besides the falafel is great eaten cold too.
  2. Calabacitas with a tuna can. I love this calabacitas recipe so much, so I usually make more. It is a great cold leftover, add some protein like a tuna can and you have again a super quick and on the spot assembled lunch.
  3. Quinoa salad with boiled white asparagus and egg. Add some roasted carrots, sprouts or salad. Bring half a lemon and oil in a little jar and you have an amazingly fresh, healthy and such a delicious meal.
  4. Lentils and couscous salad with veggies and Camembert.

    This goes into the category get whatever you have in the pantry. But it is again a very nice combination for lunch.

  5. Most improvised and random version so quick protein is any veggies you have in the fridge with any seeds you can add to it. Lemon and olive oil and you have a light lunch, but with some decent amount of protein.
  6. Buckwheat box with salad, cucumber, feta cheese and an egg. Never skip the live oil and lemon (for me). And ready to be eaten at lunch.
  7. Boiled beetroot with boiled eggs, balsamic vinegar and olive oil and salt (I mage the vinaigrette separately in a small jar and add it only when I eat it). I buy the beetroot already boiled from the supermarket and add as many boiled eggs as I feel that day. Such a simple and nutritious lunch. One of my favorite. Sometimes I add green salad and some feta cheese, or some shaved carrots and coriander. But more often than not, I just use beetroot and eggs.