4 healthy ideas in the airfryer

  1. Celery root fries with coconut oil. Cut the celery in fries shape, melt the coconut oil and toss the celery in the oil. Add salt. Airfry at 200 C until the “fries” are crispy. Don’t forget to toss them around a few times during the frying.
  2. Falafel. Prepare the falafel paste in the traditional way. You can check my recipe for it here. Use a bit of sunflower oil on your hands to shape the paste into balls. Place the meatballs ideally on a baking paper for the airfryer and fry them for 10-12 min, flipping them half way. If you don’t have a baking paper, they might stick to the airfryer tray. So much healthier and I dare to say that even a tastier option.
  3. Breaded zucchini wedges. Wrap the zucchini wedges in egg, toss them in breaded mixture with parmezan, paprika, thyme, salt and pepper and airfry them at 200C with no preheating for 15 min. Check out my recipe here.
  4. Corn on cob. This is yet the greatest discovery in the airfryer and so simple: rub some butter on the raw corn. Put some salt and pepper on it. Airfry at 200 C for 20-23 min or until it is golden. Turn it regularly every 4-5 min on a different side.