Quesadilla with cheese and chorizo in 5 min

Quesadilla is a Mexican dish  that can have many variations. The best one I tried so far is with cheese, corn and chorizo and sour cream dip. Heavy but amazing and it takes just 5 min!

It is best made in a cast iron skillet, but a normal non stick pan could work too. No oil is necessary in the pan. Just preheat the pan, add one tortilla and sprinkle on it in the following order:

  • melting cheese
  • chorizo
  • jalapenos
  • corn
  • melting cheese

Add on the top the second tortilla and let it “fuse” with the lower tortilla and the cheese. You can press on it to rush the process. Flip it on the other side on small-medium fire for few more min and you are ready to cut it.

I usually cut it in 4 with a pizza cutter and serve it with sour cream. The melted cheese combined with the chorizo and corn is very satisfying. So prepare yourself for the same dinner for the next few evening :).