The perfect Spanish breakfast

Tostada con jamon serrano

Or maybe the perfect breakfast in the world… British people might not agree, since they have the bacon, but I bet that even them could not resist the Spanish jamon serrano.

Jamon serrano (literally ham from the mountains) is a dry cured ham taken usually from the hind legs of the pig. If you are lucky (or rich enough) you should totally try the ham from an Iberian pig fed with acorns. The type of ham you should be looking for is “Jamón Ibérico de bellota” or a cheaper version from the front legs – “paleta de bellota“. Both are amazing, melting in your mouth and, I dare say, very healthy… basically just protein.

This is the number 1 you should go for. If you are in Spain and don’t dare to spend that much money on it, at least try the freshly hand cut normal jamon serrano, can be Iberian pig, or cebo or just a poor normal pig.

If you are not in Spain, buying jamon serrano in a package is still quite a treat.

And here is how you eat it the Spanish breakfast in the Spanish way: toast your bread until it’s golden. Cover it with some decent amount of freshly grated tomatoes with no skin or seeds or spices. Sprinkle olive oil. Add the jamon serrano on it and start one of the best days of your life!

The perfect Spanish breakfast

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